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The Butterfly and the FlameHello everyone! I wanted to share some wonderful news with you. The Butterfly and the Flame is a finalist for a Lambda Literary Award for best transgender Fiction. The winners will be announced in early June. So stay tuned. 

You can also purchase the Butterfly and the Flame  through on line retailers everywhere. It is also available for Kindle and Nook for $4.99.

On December 13, 2011 I was a guest on Intersections Radio with Dr. Eddie Moore Jr. and Daryl Miller. Check out the whole interview here.

I'm also in the process of launching a new blog, click here to get in on the fun. It's just in time for the sheer chaos of the 2012 election. Please stop back soon as it's updated.  

In the year 2404, America is no more. In a land ruled by the oppressive theocracy known as the Dominion of Divinity, being gay is a capital offense, adultery is punished with the lash, women are forbidden to work, and forced marriages are common.

Fifteen-year-old Emily La Rouche faces an impossible choice. On her sixteenth birthday, she will be forced to marry Jonathan Marsh, the son of her landlord. If she refuses, her family will lose everything. If she takes his hand, it is certain that her life will end by a hangman’s noose in front of an angry mob. All because Emily has been hiding an enormous secret for years—she was born a boy. As the wedding approaches, Emily’s parents realize the only way that she will be safe is if she is to escape the Dominion.

With her brother Aaron at her side, Emily flees across post-apocalyptic America in search for a new home. With vile bounty hunters on her trail, only time will tell if Emily will ever find a place where she can live and breathe free as the person she was always meant to be.

The Butterfly and the Flame is a story of two families told through lens of today’s culture wars. Powerful issues such as separation of church and state, traditional vs. non-traditional families and GLBT rights are explored and vividly brought to life.

Click here to download the first five chapters absolutely free!

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