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Mary Vermillion - A fellow friend and writer, Mary is the author of the Mara Gilgannon Mystery series Death by Discount and Murder by Mascot. Mary teaches creative writing and English at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, IA Mary Vermillion


Carol Gorman - Another good friend of mine, Carol is the author of young adult fiction by such as Dork on the Run, Dork in Disguise and A Midsummer NightÂ’s Dork.


Design of the 5 Domains - Web Design Company by Cheryl Boots, without who, none of this would be possible. www.iowagraphicdesigner.com

National Center for Transgender Equity - Founded in 2003. The NCTE is dedicated to passing legislation and for the protection and betterment of all transgendered people.

Between the Lines - A web comic that details the lives of various transgender teenagers and their individual situations, the art work is very beautifully created but it is also very hard hitting. www.betweenthelines.sosdg.org

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